Our Purpose

Your financial life is our priority.

Farther is your digital family office – a team of experienced financial advisors empowered by technology, tools, and data to help you grow and protect your wealth so you can focus your time and attention on living your life and doing the things that you love.

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Transparent, Fee-Only, Fiduciary

No commissions. No hidden fees. No proprietary products.

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With a dedicated financial advisor, holistic financial planning, and technology that makes personal finance "just work."

  • Dedicated financial advisor
  • Customized portfolios for each account
  • Daily smart rebalancing
  • Goal-based accounts
  • Cash sweeps and a savings waterfall
  • Alternative investments for accredited investors
  • Estate planning, charitable giving strategies, insurance, tuition, and strategic tax reduction


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Our value

Improve returns, happiness, and security

While you may be able to quantify some of the benefits an advisor can provide, you can’t put a number on knowing that you’re doing what you need to do for your future.

↑ 3%

Higher annual returns utilizing best practices

According to a Vanguard study, working with a financial advisor who adheres to best practices can improve annual returns by as much as 3%.

↑ 40%

More likely to feel happy with their life

Northwestern Mutual's 2019 Planning & Progress Study found that people who work with a financial advisor feel happierwith their life.

↑ 2X

More likely to feel financially secure

The same study found that people who worked with a financial advisor were more than twice as likely to feel financially secure.

An elevated experience

Peace of mind and empowerment

Professional financial management, intelligent technology, and tailored investments.


Take away the stress and guesswork

Your dedicated financial advisor supports you through life’s and the market’s ups and downs, helping you avoid costly mistakes and uncover wealth-building opportunities.  For all of life’s more complicated questions, you can rely on Farther to provide clear direction, so you don’t have to find your way through all alone.


Let technology do the heavy lifting

Where technology is faster, cheaper, and more efficient, we lean in and let it do the heavy lifting. From cash growth prioritization and algorithmically-managed goals-based portfolios, to tax-reducing strategies powered by data and automation, we harness the power of technology to get you more out of your money.


Gain confidence in your plan

Our modern interface makes it easier to achieve the visibility you need to maintain control of your finances by offering a holistic view of your financial life. Coupled with powerful advisory tools and access to support when and where you need it most, Farther is designed to be your co-pilot — to help you go farther, faster.