Wealth management

Wealth management used to be for billionaires

We replace legacy technology and archaic processes to pull that experience forward.


What We Do

Exceptional wealth management was previously only available to those had already built generational wealth. At Farther, we wanted to take the best parts of that experience and make it accessible to busy professionals, like you.

We built a wealth management platform where you can start taking control of your money in under 10 minutes. You will get access to an expert financial advisor, and our proprietary technology will move your money where it needs to go to squeeze more out of your hard-earned dollars and reduce your tax bill.

Match to your advisor

When it comes to your nest egg, trust is everything. We match you to an advisor who has your back. That's not just the right thing to do. We're legally required to act in your best interest. Try getting that from an old broker.

Structure your core accounts

Our next step is to add the core accounts you need to protect yourself from the unexpected and save for retirement or financial independence. These include an emergency fund, IRA, and long-term growth fund for most.

See everything in one place

It's hard to manage what you can't measure. We make it easy to link all of your bank, investment, and debt accounts all in one place, so you have a holistic view of your entire financial life.

Set up your cash management

You're in control of how you choose to save going forward. You can make one-time investments, set up a recurring transfer, or even set a floor in your bank account and seamlessly invest the excess.

Build your savings waterfall

Your savings waterfall is how you cascade your next dollar saved across accounts to reduce taxes and stretch your earning potential farther. We make it easy to build and implement your own always on cash waterfall.

Add your goals

Thinking of buying a house? Starting a business? Taking a sabbatical? Whatever it is, you'll want to add your goals and pair them with investment portfolios tailored to your timeline. Earn while you save, and get farther faster.

built for you

Who is Farther for?

When you get to the point where bad decisions can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, it's time to graduate from robo-advisors and other DIY solutions. We know continuing down that path will leave you thinking you could be achieving more. That’s why we are here.

Farther delivers exceptional wealth management without the hidden fees and absurdly high minimums. Our platform helps you manage your wealth without lifting a finger, so you always know what you have, where you have it, and how to get answers quickly when you need help. All so you can get back to focusing on the rest of your life.

case studies

A few examples of how we can help

Most of our clients come to us with a specific question on their mind. For some, it's a big change in their lives that motivated their interest. Those changes range from having a new baby to getting a big promotion to moving cities or receiving an inheritance.

Other clients begin with the notion that it's time to turn over a new leaf and finally get as serious about their money as they are about their careers.

Whatever it is for you, know that we've probably seen it before, and that we're standing by, ready to help. At Farther, we're more than just investment management, and complexity is where we shine. Read a Farther Finance Review and learn why we are the wealth management platform for you.

Blake is a marketing director at a newly public startup. Up until now, she’d always played it safe with most of her assets in CDs, bank accounts, and a company 401k. She never guessed that her company stock options were going to be life-changing, but with the recent IPO, she needs help managing a sudden windfall that could mean she’ll never have to work again.

Marco and Julia just moved to the suburbs to get a little more space now that a new addition is on the way. They both have busy careers and know that they don’t have the time to be their own financial advisors. They’re aiming to get estate plans, insurance, and a holistic view of their financial lives in place before they lose all their free time to the baby…

Tyler earned his first dollar starting a lawn mowing business as a kid and his entrepreneurial pursuits have only become more ambitious with time. Now on his second startup, he’s balancing managing his company, growing his family, and buying a house. He wants to set up a firm (and tax efficient) foundation now in preparation for a very busy and very bright tomorrow.

Jade is on the partner track at her PR firm. She’d previously jumped from place to place, collecting 401(k)s along the way, but she’s finally found a home. With buying her way into the partnership in sight, she knows she needs to get her finances in order but doesn’t have the time to consolidate everything or invest consistently on her own.

go farther

The best time to start is now

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