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What is Farther?

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Farther is a first-of-its-kind wealth management platform that combines the benefits of modern technology with the expertise and human touch of traditional wealth management. Backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Context Ventures, Cota Capital, and Moneta Venture Capital, Farther caters to high-net-worth professionals who are building generational wealth and need a more holistic approach to managing their money. While there are more financial products and tools available than ever, until Farther, no solution delivered both a beautiful, well-designed technology experience and a solution to handle the complex and multifaceted nature of significant wealth.

How does Farther work?

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Farther pairs expert advisors with intelligent technology to manage your entire financial life in one place. Whether you are selling your company, executing stock options, or thinking about how to pass on wealth to the next generation, your Farther advisor is there to help you manage all aspects of your wealth.

How are you different from other financial companies?

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Farther is the first institution built from the ground up to provide an elevated client experience created through a seamless collaboration between technology and advisors. We uniquely stand alone in providing holistic  solutions for the complexity of significant wealth delivered through a fully integrated tech experience. This allows us to provide a more valuable experience for less cost. We are also a fiduciary, independent (no proprietary products), fee only advisor (no commissions). We have to act in your best interest and we do not have business lines which add conflicts to delivering you unbiased advice.


What investments do you offer?

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Farther offers fully customizable investments across all major asset classes and alternatives. Your advisor will work with you to develop a fully customized plan which takes into account how you are currently invested and your future goals. No investment plan at Farther is exactly same, because no client is exactly the same. We partner with Blackrock, the largest asset manager in the world, to support our advisors in accessing world class thought leadership, tools and strategies for portfolio management.

What is the cash waterfall?

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Our cash waterfall automates the task of deciding where to invest new money in order to maximize your return by minimizing idle cash and optimizing for taxes. Your advisor will help you configure, then technology ensures execution. It’s a great example of how clients get the best of both worlds at Farther.

What about alternative investments (angel investing, crypto, etc..)?

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Farther offers a wide array of private equity, private real estate, hedge fund, and crypto offerings to accredited investors and we’re constantly adding partners to our alternatives platform.


How do you keep my money safe?

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Security is our number one priority. Investments are insured by the SIPC up to $500k per account type and by Lloyd’s of London policy for all amounts beyond SIPC limits. We do not hold your assets directly, but rely on external custodians, including Apex Clearing which safeguards more than 25 million accounts globally and hundreds of billions of dollars globally. Your data is encrypted when stored and when on the move and your data security and privacy is a top priority for our team.
In the unlikely event that Farther were to cease operations, your assets would be safe with our trusted custodians. Should we go out of business, we would help you find an alternative option for your funds and manage the transition process for you.
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