Farther Experiences – Flying A Private Plane In Las Vegas

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Mar 12, 2021

Farther Experiences – Flying A Private Plane In Las Vegas


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Who needs a Grand Canyon helicopter tour? I'd rather fly myself there in a private jet.

Even newbie pilots can learn to fly while doing some epic sightseeing at All In Aviation flight school in Las Vegas. They are among the best flight schools in the country, recognized as the Cirrus Training Center of the Year in 2020, with 10 instructors and a dozen planes in their fleet. Step on the pedals to navigate to your runway, check in with air traffic control and you're cleared for takeoff. Once you reach 80 mph, push the throttle to full forward and pull back on the yoke to lift up, up and away. You'll want to ease forward almost immediately though and push the nose down, which might seem counterintuitive, but you don't want to ascend too quickly.

I have only driven a car once in the past decade, but I honestly think flying is easier. There's much less traffic in the sky and you can swoop and swerve every which way. Just make sure to stay below 18,000feet to avoid commercial air traffic.

Las Vegas has some of the best flying conditions in the country, with 350 days of clear blue skies and calm winds. You can easily fly to Sedona, Southern California or Lake Tahoe for lunch.

For a first flight, cruising over the Hoover Dam to theGrand Canyon is a spectacularly scenic route that you can accomplish in less than two hours. You can even practice landing and taking off again at the GrandCanyon, next to all the helicopters. Dial in your destination and the aircraft will chart out the best path, a highway in the sky to trace on the video interface. The intuitive flight deck is almost like a video game, with your airspeed, ground speed, wind, weather and terrain conditions all laid out on the map.

You'll likely encounter some turbulence when you fly over the Black Mountain after takeoff. These mountain waves are nothing to worry about though; they're caused by high speed winds passing over the peaks. I've flown with All In Aviation several times now – it's the highlight of any trip to Vegas. But on my most recent flight in a 2019 Cirrus Aircraft SR22 G6 with my friend Danielle, I tried to keep things as smooth as possible for her delicate stomach.


The fleet of Cirrus aircraft are very comfortable, equipped with air conditioning and glass panels for panoramic views. The luxurious cabins are about as big as a car, so the pilot and co-pilot sit up front and two adult passengers can comfortably fit in the back leather seats. In an emergency situation, you can pull the red lever in the ceiling and a parachute pops out, floating you safely and gently back to earth.


After completing your flight, you're given a pilot's logbook to track your hours. You need 40 hours to take the test for your private pilot's license and these hours don't expire, so don't lose the book! This past year has been a boon for flying, with many people who have always dreamed of learning to fly finally having the time to learn.


Amber Gibson

Amber Gibson is a Farther ambassador who lives a pretty incredible life. Living out of hotels for 360 days per year, she has unconvenitonal goals that Farther is helping her reach. As a freelance journalist, she specializes in travel, food, wine and wellness. Her work has appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Robb Report, Departures, Hemispheres, Saveur and Architectural Digest. Champagne, dark chocolate and gelato are her biggest weaknesses.

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