Who We Are

our mission

Our mission is to help you go farther.

Our clients aspire to achieve a better future. What that looks like will vary: a place to call home, a business to build, security in retirement, the financial freedom to travel the world. Whatever the dream is, it usually takes capital to make it real. We help our clients make the most of their earnings so that they can make that better future real.

Our vision

Expert advice meets modern technology

The more we advance in our careers, grow our families, and work to build the lives we strive for, the harder it becomes to manage our financial lives. Between investing, savings, debt, insurance, taxes, tuition, and charitable giving, the number of moving pieces makes it impossible to manage alone.

At Farther, we set out to build a solution to manage every aspect of your financial life, so you can feel confident that you are on track to meet your goals and get your time back.

Until now, this service was exclusive to the ultra-wealthy. That’s what a family office is. That’s what Farther does too. Only we can offer this service to more individuals and families by blending expert advisors with intelligent technology to manage the heavy lifting in the background. It’s wealth management with higher aspirations and greater expectations.

From day one, we knew that the key to getting you on a path to financial success starts with understanding your goals, your values, and your lifestyle. It means listening, really listening, to your needs, and always acting in your best interest to help you address them.

We’re successful when you feel confident in your finances, so you can focus on what you love.

Our Team

Building what personal finance should be

Meet Our Founders

Brad Genser

Co-founder & CTO

Brad leads product development with a focus on building technology that makes it easy to organize your financial life and get your money working for you.

Prior to founding Farther, Brad built and led the Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Growth Analytics team, a data science team focused on delivering financial help when people needed it the most.

Taylor Matthews

Co-founder & CEO

Taylor focuses on delivering best in class financial advice by empowering our advisors with the tools and technology they need to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Prior to founding Farther, Taylor was part of the leadership at ForUsAll where he helped build the company from $25 million in assets under management to just under $1 billion in two years.