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A New Look for Greater Impact

July 26, 2022

By Farther

As a leader in wealth management technology, Farther is constantly looking for innovative ways to advance our mission to make elite wealth building strategies more accessible. That mindset drove our decision to partner with Red Antler – a leading branding agency fiercely committed to developing breakthrough and revolutionary brands – to ensure that Farther’s style lives up to its substance through a new brand look and feel.

The partnership began in 2021, as Red Antler dove into the mindsets of key players in our space to unlock a very real insight into the world of financial behavior. As time passes, generational differences grow deeper in how people choose to invest their money: one pivot today can create a substantial ripple effect for the future.

The insight dovetailed well with the dual-sided Farther offering: intelligent technology paired with 1:1 advising that is tailored to each client’s personal needs, with a long-term strategy embedded. This approach creates intergenerational prosperity, not just personal wealth.

Red Antler’s strategy and design teams crystallized the insight into a beautiful and breakthrough new look and feel for the brand – characterized by a vibrant, warm color palette; textured graphics; and a new logo that embodies the concept of a ripple effect of one’s actions.

“The goal of the brand design was to create a sense of both immediacy and impact,” said Erin Collis, Executive Creative Director at Red Antler. “The logo signifies the butterfly effect of significant wealth: connecting with a Farther advisor today can set off a ripple effect that will grow your wealth far into the future.”

The brand's new emblem echoes the strategic idea of creating a ripple effect with your wealth.

At the center of this rebrand is Farther’s new website. Red Antler polished our website and platform into a centralized financial hub that our clients can navigate with ease and efficiency. User-friendliness was key to this design, especially since Farther’s platform is built on intuitive technology that enables transparency and empowers our advisors to spend less time on paperwork and more time putting their clients’ money to work.

“The design principle behind the website is simplicity,” noted Collis. “We leveraged warm colors and human photography to make the site feel personal – all with the polish of clear copy and a graphic language that expresses Farther’s impact on your life in a dynamic and elevated way.”

The new brand design will help Farther on its mission to bring elite wealth management strategies to more people.

Through the dedicated work of our partners at Red Antler, Farther is championing our groundbreaking technology and elite advisors with a brand that heralds a new era of wealth management: one in which the strategies of the ultra-rich are now available to more people building generational wealth.

Visit Farther.com to see the brand in action and to learn how you can best map out your long-term financial future.

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