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Farther’s Rapid Growth Continues With Strategic New Hires

March 16, 2022: The fintech company continues to expand its team to help clients handle the complex and multi-faceted nature of significant wealth.

By Farther Committee

Farther, a first-of-its-kind wealth management platform combining the benefits of modern technology with the expertise and human touch of traditional wealth management, today announced eight new strategic hires to accommodate its recent growth with new clients and expand services to existing customers. These new hires most recently managed and oversaw nearly $400 million in assets, further strengthening Farther’s proven service offerings and expanding the company’s footprint in the wealth management industry.

“We are excited about the continued growth of our company and are honored to welcome this group of experienced and knowledgeable advisors,” said Taylor Matthews and Brad Genser, co-founders of Farther. “All of these individuals bring valuable experience to the platform, which will enable us to provide clients with a broad array of financial insights and investment vehicles. We look forward to another successful year of growth, delivering an elite experience for our clients with the highest caliber of wealth advice and best-in-class technology.”

As a top-tier destination for wealth advisors, Farther is attracting talent from across the financial services industry. Among its new hires are:

- Nelson Bradshaw as Managing Director of Banking Strategies, who totes 35 years of financial experience from BBVA, one of the largest international banks, later acquired by PNC Bank.

- David Darby as Managing Director of Investment Strategy, a former Vice President at Goldman Sachs, and most recently, Managing Director of DG Wealth Partners.

- Kent Guinn as Strategic Partner, who assumed the office of Mayor of Ocala, FL in 2011 after serving the city for 12 years as a councilman.

Also joining Farther as VP Wealth Advisors are Aaron Diaz, Bob Kelly, Sean Kelly, and Dennis Williams, all of whom are alumni of Merrill Lynch, and Parker O’Sullivan, who most recently worked for independent RIAs in the San Francisco Bay area.

Farther is continuing its upward trajectory as the company approaches the next financial quarter. In addition to a client’s wealth advisor, Farther facilitates access to a comprehensive wealth management team, including CPAs, estate attorneys, and brokers. By bringing with them an array of experience from the financial realm, Farther advisors in turn are attracting modern investors who are both beginning to build and have already built generational wealth.

About Farther

Farther is a first-of-its-kind wealth management platform that combines the benefits of modern technology with the expertise and human touch of traditional wealth management. Backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Context Ventures, Cota Capital, and Moneta Venture Capital, Farther caters to high-net-worth professionals who are building generational wealth and need a more holistic approach to managing their money. While there are more financial products and tools available than ever, until Farther, no solution delivered both a beautiful, well-designed technology experience and a solution to handle the complex and multifaceted nature of significant wealth.

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