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Nelson Bradshaw: The Veteran Banker Unchained

By Farther Committee

By any measure, Nelson Bradshaw had a full and rewarding career rising through the ranks of corporate America. 

He had the full support of the mothership banks he served, as his various markets were routinely a top performer — but there was a problem. Corporate bean counters have their own interests in mind first. Every product and offer has to be good for the stockholders, primarily. Product committees decide which financial products their associates can offer based on the benefit to the bank. The clients and bank employees are limited to these options and just “make it work.” Bradshaw knew that this wasn't always in the client's best interest. There might be a better product or solution — but it was off-limits to offer if the payout wasn't big enough for the bank. 

There are restrictions when you only work for one institution (even a large one). There are industries to work in and others to stay away from. Bradshaw was forced to fall in line and be a good soldier. He always acted in his client's best interest, but he was limited to finite options. That's just how large financial institutions work, or at least used to. 

It was time for Bradshaw to find a new approach. “What I enjoy most about my job is advising clients. As a bank CEO, I spent increasing time managing people and policies. Eventually, it just wasn't a match anymore. The best value I can provide is strategizing with clients.”

Bradshaw has always identified with entrepreneurs: the business owner risk-takers willing to bet on themselves and, in the process, amassing enormous wealth. He’s always been more loyal to his clients than the corporate machine. Over time, he’s accumulated the knowledge that makes him a master of “all things financial.” 

Bradshaw’s new role is with Farther as the managing director of banking strategy. Farther, a new company that combines best-in-class technology with world-class finance expertise, has amassed a who’s who list in the financial advising world. Built with modern technology, Farther offers the most user-friendly and intuitive platform for those investors who regularly monitor their nest eggs. It’s safe, too, because assets are held at one of the largest custodians in the world, such as Pershing and Schwab, just to name a couple.   

At his core, Bradshaw is a solution provider for any financial challenge or goal seeker. He brings a unique perspective, and one others can't match. He's worked with the megarich, third-generation family businesses, hard-working blue-collar folks, and widows. He’s helped companies relocate their headquarters and set up 401k plans. He’s done it all. Experience is a great teacher.

Bradshaw says he’s excited about offering all of the options in today's market. Farther isn’t like other institutions because they don't limit what financial advisors recommend. The client’s needs are the priority: and as a result, no two portfolios are the same.  

Bradshaw could have easily worked with another traditional institution, but they wouldn't have offered him the latitude to serve his clients to the fullest extent. At just 58, he’s in the prime of his career. 

The Approach

Once Bradshaw thoroughly understands a client's needs — from a global financial perspective and through the lens of the corporation, employee, or individual — he uses his team to create a plan, that builds upon the elements that the client may already have in place. He fills any gaps he identifies.  Advisors of large institutions are pushed to fill those gaps with the institution's proprietary products because it allows the institution to “double-dip” on the fees it will earn. Farther’s platform includes no proprietary investment products — and enables Bradshaw to access a product set that is much more comprehensive than one allowed by the large institutions.  

About Farther

Farther is a new kind of financial institution: combining expert advisors and cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive, personalized client experience. Backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Context Ventures, Cota Capital, Khosla Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, and Moneta Venture Capital, Farther caters to high-net-worth professionals who are building generational wealth and need a more holistic approach to managing their money.

About Nelson Bradshaw

Nelson Bradshaw

Nelson Bradshaw is the Managing Director of Banking Strategies. Nelson brings over 35 years of financial experience to Farther – with most of that time spent managing wealth, private banking, and commercial groups for BBVA, one of the largest international banks (later acquired by PNC Bank).

Nelson leverages this experience to help Farther build a network of bank-related products commonly used by its clients. With his own client base, Nelson focuses on helping owners of privately held businesses with all things financial — focusing first on the elements of planning, whether it’s related to corporate, personal, and/or employees.

Nelson is a graduate of Louisiana State University and also completed executive management programs at the University of Texas at Austin and IESE International University in Europe. He is the incoming chairman of the Gator Bowl organization and is deeply involved in the Florida business and non-profit community. Nelson lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with his wife of 30+ years, Judy.

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